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British Gas Home services

British Gas is one of the largest energy suppliers in Great Britain with over 11 Million customers all across the country. Once being a monopoly, while British Gas is not an independent company any longer it still has its own brand and management and thanks to an extensive re branding process, today it’s among the most improved energy supplier companies offering a great deal of services for its customers. This time around we will take a look at British Gas Home services and we will take a look at its Smart Home products which count as a novelty on the European market.

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Home Services at British Gas

Cover for the home: this covers all the home coverage offers which include the energy packages offering you to choose the one which is the most suitable for your consumption and lifestyle. HomeCare packages range from HomeCare One to HomeCare Four and they generally offer an annual boiler service, boiler and control service. The larger packages (HomeCare 2 to 4) also offer central heating check, plumbing and drains services for a discounted fee. Now, those customers who order HomeCare 2 to HomeCare 4 packages will receive a gift card the amount of which ranges from GBP 10 to GBP 50.

Boiler and Heating Cover

As part of the HomeCare system, once you decide to order one of the HomeCare packages ( from two to four) you will also receive warranty for your boiler and heating system. This way, the package would protect you just like an insurance does and you don’t need to worry about any unexpected costs any longer. The same goes for plumbing and drains as well as for the electricity.

One-off repairs

There are several different sorts of one-off repair services which are for everyone, not just for the contracted customers of British Gas. This way, anyone can call a British Gas expert should he/she need kitchen appliance repair, plumbing and drains repair, or if they need their boiler checked, not to mention any problems with the electricity.

Landlord services

These are the services which are specifically devised for residential buildings where they are typically managed by the landlord of the building. These services also include a special landlord insurance which covers any sudden reparation related costs. Landlord’s insurance offers a liability for over GBP 10 million and can cover over ten properties as an all in one insurance.

Home Insurance

British Gas and AXA has partnered to create the best suitable insurance packages for British Gas customers and landlords and the good thing is not only the fact that the liability is so high, it’s also the fact that you can freely get a quote and the insurance can also be separated if someone wishes to do so(building and contents insurance).
If you want to get more information on the overall services, the one off services or the insurance policy of British Gas don’t hesitate to check out the official website for further information. If you have any special enquiry or question call one of the regional British Gas contact numbers for further help.

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