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British Gas services overview

British Gas is a real historical company and in fact one of the oldest companies in the United Kingdom today. Originally established a gas provider, today the rebranded British Gas offers tons more services for its customers. In this chapter we would like to give you a brief overview as to what sort of services are offered by this large company which is still the leading force when it comes to energy supplies. We shall segment the services to gas and energy supply services, boilers and further services categories. We are implementing a similar structure which can also be found on the website of the company.

British gas Boiler service

Gas and electricity related services:

Consumer tariffs for gas and electricity: ranging from the most basic package which can be obtained also without making an actual contract to the more elaborate home packages which even offer one day of consumption free of charge alongside other discounts, there is no way you do not find the tariff package which is the most suitable for you in terms of consumption. Warning: for all the contracted tariffs there is an exit fee to pay, if the contracted party wants to get out from the contract before it’s officially expired.

Renovation and newly built homes: British Gas offers to help everyone from scratch: which means the overall installation of heating systems and electricity systems with plumbing and drains included. The offer is not just for houses: it can be obtained by residential homes as well as office buildings and private houses.

Warm Home Discount program – this support program has been specifically devised to help those who are badly in need of heating but cannot normally afford it. There is a Warm Home Discount program each year and in order to apply you will need to send in an application form or call one of the British Gas contact numbers for further information.

Get a quote – the easiest way to get an offer for any work or service you are badly in need.

Installation of boilers and new boiler program:

British Gas does not only sell high quality boilers: it would also help you with their installation and on top of it call, it would give you up to GBP 200 discount if you decide to hand-in your old and used boiler in return. This is a pretty good deal as new boilers are pretty expensive throughout the UK.

Further services:

One-off repairs

If you have any issue with your boiler, heating system or you are experiencing something which gives reason to worry, you can instantly call a one-off repair specialist at British Gas who will do his best to instantly fix the issue. One off is a very specific service because you don’t need to be a customer (with or without contract) of British Gas. This service is specifically created for those who are not (yet) customers.

Smart Home systems:

British Gas offers an extensive amount of eco-friendly products which have the ability to be remotely controlled with the help of a specific application.
Check British Gas official site to get an instant quote and for more information on the services which are available.

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