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British Gas services

Apart from being primarily an electricity and gas supplier British Gas also provides loads of additional services for its customers.The company, the ancestory of which was founded as early as in 1812 under the name Gas Light and Coke Company back in the colonial days, is still among the number one energy suppliers in the UK. While British Gas has ceased to exist as an independent company ( it’s owned by Centrica) it has managed to keep its brand and it has an independent management. In the 2000s British Gas has been rebranded and so were its services. Let’s see what’s being offered by them now.

Electricity systems

Gas and Electricity:

The two key elements which are being offered by British Gas for millions of households on varying rates and in the form of different packages some of which goes to the point of offering free usage of energy on one weekend day ( 9 am to 5 pm Saturday or Sunday). There are further and always new offers which can be viewed on the website of the company.

Boiler Cover

This is a special offer whereas British Gas offers an extra month free of charge if someone chooses one of the HomeCare enerty supply packages ( there are 4 altogether). This cover also includes free services such as boiler service to offering discount for plumbing to drain fixing.

Trade in the old and get a new boiler

As an extra offer, you can trade in your old or used boiler and get 200 GBP off from the price of the new boiler which is to be installed instead of the old one. There is a nice variety of boilers on offer at British Gas, each with varying attributes, depending on what someone is primarily looking for. British Gas has a 5 year warranty for its boilers.

One-off repair services

This is a service that has been specifically devised for those who are not clients or contractors of British Gas but are still in need of a service or repair work. This is also a great invitation for anyone to join and become a contractor later on.

Heating system installation – eco systems

British Gas does not only deal with the energy supply, they are also the ones to call when it comes to installation and reparation works with respect to the heating system. Thanks to the wide variety of thermo meters and other eco-friendly products British Gas is dealing with, now you can have a good outlook on the momentary, daily and monthly consumption as well.

Electricity systems

For more information contact your local British Gas supplier or call one of the regional or local British Gas contact numbers.

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