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British Gas- one of the oldest companies of the United Kingdom

British Gas is not only a mere energy supplier:

There are several energy suppliers in the UK but none of them have such an extensive history as British Gas does. The company is in fact one of the oldest ever energy suppliers in the world. Founded in 1812 when British Empire was still in full force, British Gas was originally called as Gas Light and Coke Company and it was the first utility company in the world. In this chapter we would like to discuss further details and interesting milestones regarding the history of British Gas.

british gas history

1812: the year when British Gas and Coke Company (GLCC) was founded. King George III was on the throne and the British Empire practically ruled he world. Not long after its founding, the company has started to absorb the smaller gas providers and soon it found itself in a monopolistic situation which it could maintain almost fully over the next 136 years.

1949: GLCC becomes one of the leading 12 gas boards which deal with the whole country’s energy supply. This step was the result of the 1948 Gas Act which tried to reform the energy supply situation throughout the country in the pot World War period which was a harsh time for the country.

1972: The birthyear of the next Gas Act which finally merged the twelve gas boards into becoming one giant corporation called British Gas Corporation. The corporation this way had a full monopoly on energy supplies for the next 15 years.

1986: the newest Gas Act which was born in the Thatcher era has decided to fragment the gas and energy supply and started a privatisation of the sector. This has resulted in the creation of numerous gas and electricity supplying companies such as Centrica, Transco, BG Group just to name a few.

1997: British Gas Corporation starts its own fracturing which results in one segment going under BG Group while other segments joining forces with Centrica. Centrica will soon become the official owner of British Gas, while leaving the management and the brand intact in the process.

2000’s: British Gas, while still being one of the largest energy suppliers in the country goes through a serious rebranding. This would transform the company from being a mere supplier to becoming a full-fledged service provider backed with a freshly re-designed brand that’s all in line with today’s expectations.

British Gas supplies over 11 millions of people with energy and related services which encompass servicing. One-off repairs, renovation works, plumbing and drains and heating/electricity maintenance. The company has started to take part in selling eco-friendly products such as lighting and heating systems which can be remotely controlled even when you are not at home, with the help of a smart application that makes it possible.

The newest offer of British Gas is the creation of a rewards program, which would enable everyone to collect certain amount of points for every service. For more information call one of the local or regional British Gas contact numbers or check out the official website.

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